What We Do

Basic Solutions produces new and innovative health, beauty and wellness products manufactured with the highest regard for quality, customer satisfaction, and safety. From product concept, formulation to final distribution, Basic Solution customers take advantage of additional cost savings by using our state-of-the-art warehouse and shipping department service to drop-ship product anywhere in the world. Basic Solutions offers the expertise of product and packaging development for a wide range of products. These products can all be manufactured and filled at our comprehensive facility in Simi Valley, California. Basic Solutions works hand-in-hand with our suppliers to ensure the quality of the cosmetic ingredients and packaging components we receive, while aggressively researching and procuring alternative raw materials to lower costs for our customer’ personal care products.

Basic Solutions also offers additional services including, among others, product formulation, stability testing, efficacy testing and microbiological testing available individually or as part of our turnkey package. In addition to FDA registration and State licenses to manufacture drugs and devices, Basic Solutions also provides a fully integrated Scientific Resource Department dedicated to quality products and services, controlled testing, and formulation through strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Basic Solutions machine resources support all volume ranges as well as unique packaging specification requirements, and uses advanced industry flexible packaging equipment for saleable and promotional products.